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– Today we feed food you can’t buy at the storage no more. – Let’s talk about something else.( groovy topic music) Good mythological morning. – Right now somewhere in “the worlds”, there are some food scientists who are working tirelessly to create the next snack food that will blow your taste bud away. And this is a trial and error process, I mean sometimes they strike gold and they establish sour cream and onion potato chips, and sometimes they fall a little short and create Corn Nuts.

– Today we are gonna be exploring those meat that fell a bit short, and were discontinued. But we have utilized our abilities, our magical abilities of recontinuing to at least deliver some here on the present today, the actual quit snacks. – You mean the magical powers of going on eBay and buying things? – Yes, that is true.

So we’re gonna decide if the stop was a good alternative or if they should be brought back. It’s time for Snack Back to Reality, oh, They’re So Snackity. – Alright, lately we did an ultimate sour cream and onion snack appreciation experiment, but there’s one sour cream and onion snack that we didn’t include, because it has been discontinued, and the hell is Doritos.

– What? – Now I don’t remember these. – Me neither. – It is just like an incredible mind, I don’t remember em, but they were introduced in the late 70 s and they only induced it into the early 80 s.

And then they delivered em back for a bit in 2012 and 2013, I missed that as well. – Throwback flavor. – But here’s the old school commercial for sour cream and onion Doritos. -[ Narrator] If you’re fussy about your sour cream and onion dip, – I am. You’ll truly enjoy our latest flavor. So for a snack, with the great appreciation of sour cream and onion already on the chip, try sour cream and onion Doritos.

They savor as good as they crunch. – Mario appears horrible. – He delivered the members of this house down, though, oh mortal. – Alright, we’ve got these. We got some. Now, again, – This is not the Mario packaging. – This isn’t even the 2012 or 2013 package because in Japan they never took these away.

So we eBayed these from Japan, simply paid$ for em. – That’s a good price. – Now the only thing I can read on this is Doritos. Well, I can also read restriction – It’s even restriction there. – I can read Frito-Lay, there’s lots of English on here, I feel so at home. – Now pop it open, gonna commit it a nice tear. Now let’s reek. – Oh yeah, oh yeah, good-for-nothing incorrect with that. – It’s actually, the chief reek I smell is still the corn chip. – And that are likely to, my friend, why they discontinued them because we know it works well with a regular potato chip.

– I’m going. – Oh that’s good. – What could be wrong? – This is reason to move to Japan. Why would they give these and taketh these away? – I imagine because there’s so many sour cream and onion things at our disposal that they’re exploring new gimmicky flavors instead. – I feel like I could feed the whole purse right now. – Yeah, I feel like I’m gonna fight you for that. – You know what, I kind of feel like perhaps cool ranch has taken the place of these cause it has this creamy, kind of tangy appreciation to it.

But there’s enough room in my particular nerve for both cool ranch and sour cream. – Oh yeah, and it’s like taking a journey directly to Tokyo. – Wwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaatttttttt! – So should they be recontinued in America? – Heck yes. – Perfectly. Over its first year Kool-Aid has induced many different flavors, and many of them have been discontinued, including this 90 s hit, lemon ice. Let’s watch it.( fire alarm) Hot salsa for Kool-Aid man. – I remember this commercial.

– Who knew he was a pharmacist? – Something’s happening. – In my mouth. – It feels icy refrigerate. – But there’s no frost. -[ Narrator] New Kool-Aid frost refrigerate, lemon ice, arctic dark-green apple. – Where’s the fire? – No fire here. – You again? – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah. – Why did everybody have to have like a mustache and wiry eyebrows in those commercials back then. – It’s so funny, and it builds me so thirsty. Something’s happening, in my mouth. That’s called appreciation happening – Yeah, that’s right. Life is full of it. – Now your typical packet’s gonna cost like$ for 12.

We have eBayed these discontinued jam-packs, these are the actual ones from the 90 s for$ for 10 packets. So it’s a bit of a price hop. We’ve got some sugar water here. – Now I don’t know if this is safe, I don’t know what happens to Kool-Aid, you are familiar with, over the decades. – I’m thinking good-for-nothing. – It reeks exactly like I would expect it to smell. Now this is already carbohydrate sea, right? – Yeah, so there’s bonkers of this, you are familiar with, hidden in bomb shelter, and it would savor simply the same. – Oh I love the way it looks like, it looks like there’s frost in it, but there’s not frost in it. – Looks like lemon ice. Alright so that’s pretty quick potpourrus there.

– You know, I wasn’t have been able to liquor Kool-Aid. It was one of the things that my mommy simply outlined a boundary around. – You didn’t earn it. – Too much carbohydrate. – Gotta earn it. – Looks like watered down milk. – Alright so let’s commit it a inhale. It smells like a spicier lemonade. – Yeah, dink it. – And drink it. – What’s happening in your mouth right now? – What’s happening in my mouth? – Should we call the fire department? Or should we just drink more lemon ice? – So there’s a person on Facebook who said, whatever happened to lemon ice Kool-Aid, that my friend was the best.

Kool-Aid themselves reacted and said, Chris, lemon ice is not currently available, but if you haven’t, try lemonade Kool-Aid. And then he replied and he said, I have, but it doesn’t have the zing that the frost has. – Let me say to you right now, – It does have a cooling zing. – There’s a zing, almost like I might be drinking something that’s got poison in it, you know what I’m saying? – In a really good way. – I don’t know. – I know I like it, I like the poison. – I think that giving this to children is giving them a appreciation for poison.

I think you give a kid this, – Well they mixed it in beakers mortal. – The next thing you are familiar with, they’re under the cabinet. You don’t want that, it’s like, mommy do you have any cleanser, I crave some cleanser in my mouth. – I think you’re right. So because this is a safety hazard, should this be recontinued? No – No. Okay, we are all familiar with Altoids as the curiously strong mint, but they also had some curiously strange flavors for a bit, including citrus Altoids.

Now these were introduced early 2000 s, and the latter are discontinued in 2010. So didn’t make it a decade, but there is a little bit of a motion to bring them back. There’s actually a petition started by Sam Wilner, has 174 advocates. Sam mentions, let me start off by saying these things were the bomb, although there are they wrecked the roof of your mouth, the latter are sweet, tangy, and even not very unhealthy.

More than that, the latter are the quickest select me up for a sixth grader whose turtle succumbed under mysterious contexts. – Hmm, feeding em to the turtle , not a good mind. – So we have some , now this is a curious process to get these, because we paid $50 from David Cross. David Cross was selling these on eBay. – Who knew he necessity the currency. – Hey, that’s what he’s doing, he’s not acting anymore. He’s just charging a lot of money for old Altoids.

– Man, okay. – So these are expired, 2005. – Oh my goodness, let’s open em. – And so you press on this to get it to, okay, there it comes. – Oh no. Dude it’s entirely melted.% 50 for one large-hearted melted Altoid mass. – I am so disappointed in David Cross right now. – Oh my gosh, it looks like fat that’s been liposucted. – It does look like human fat, like when they present you, when the doctor’s like, do you know what a pound of human fat looks like? – Here it is in an Altoids can.

I’m selling em on eBay for $50, don’t tell anybody. – This is why you “ve been given” spoonfuls , now I understand. I thought it was gonna like give a bit. – Give a little bit of a $50 Altoid to me. – I got some free, meet if you get some free. Man this is, $50, these better be good David. – My spoon, my spoon got, – There you go. – Here’s a piece, the hell is equivalent of like half an Altoid. – That’s good. Preferences like an air freshener. – It is bad, oh my gosh.

Find Out on How to Get XxXL Muscles

– It tastes like an air freshener, like something hanging down in your automobile. – And it feels like a case-hardened part of gum you drew out from under a desk. Like, eww mortal, that wasn’t gum, that was an air freshener. – Sam, I meet why your turtle succumbed. – Oh my goodness. – I feel like the jury is still out on this one, because something about it being over 10 years old, – Like melted and reconstituted. – And melted, I don’t feel like I can make a judgment call, but if this is what is the best representation of citrus Altoids that we have is, should they be brought back? No.

– No. And now let me take you back to 1993, when there was such a thing as crystal clear Pepsi. They had an astounding commercial, which featured Van Halen’s song Right Now, we’re gonna demonstrate you the commercial, but we’ve supplanted the Van Halen song with an arguably even better ballad which we’ve used only for our present before. – Yeah, naked child. – And watches. Computers can laugh now, by the way. – Stimulate it clear. Woah, so freshening.

– That’s a big glass. Alright, I’m gonna stop it right there on a shirtless mortal. – I wanna meet more. – Drinking a clear Pepsi, right now person just got a appreciation of the future, you’re welcome. – It’s like a Powerpoint commercial. – It truly was. – It’s like the person in the ad organization did a Powerpoint demonstration to the reasons why he craved to deliver it back, and the person was like, build that the commercial. – Yes that’s it, that’s great. – That’s the perfect ad, simply add Van Halen. – It is a lock.

Alright , now we actually have it right here. The thing is, – I entirely remember this. – It went away in the early 90 s, but then it was brought back in January of this year in a fluke of marketing, and then was discontinued once again, but we did get our hands on these. Let’s crack open the clearness. – Now I recollect when this “re coming out”, – Not their slogan, mine. – In the 90 s, I thought that it was, there was a lot of questions around, is this just gonna appreciation like Pepsi but it’s clear, or is this gonna appreciation like, is it a different flavor, is it not cola anymore.

– Is it health, 250 calories per 20 ounce bottle. – Oh yeah, that’s healthy. – Study indicated that people envisioned clear soda was healthier than darker soda. – Oh privilege. – Study also indicate that people don’t understand health. Alright, let’s appreciation it, though. $15 for a six jam-pack. – It’s everything I remembered it being. – Of drinking a Pepsi, like simply a normal Pepsi? – It tastes like Pepsi that’s had something important taken out of it. I mean frankly, I feel like, – Like its being. It’s like soulless Pepsi. – Yeah, it’s like Pepsi that’s been through a really bad suffer. – It’s like Pepsi without a conscience. – Boy, I truly wanted to like this just out of nostalgia. – I like it. – You do? – I like Pepsi, you are familiar with, so I like this. It tastes no different than Pepsi to me , no different.

– Yeah, it’s clear cola, that’s right. That’s the strange thing, it’s like when you, it tastes like when you go to a eatery and the fountain’s not working right. You know like, uh, your fountain’s not working the syrup’s broken. – Well no, that doesn’t have any flavor Rhett. This is different, it has all the flavor of Pepsi. – It doesn’t have all the flavor.

– It has all the flavor. – Let me close my eyes and appreciation it. – Take your shirt off too likely, I think that’s what it needs. – Is that simply Pepsi? – Right, okay, so should this, – It’s not doing it for me. – Should this stay discontinued? – Well if you really like it, I mean perhaps I’ll get you some for your birthday, so I guess we should deliver it back. – I don’t think we should be deliver it back, I think you should just open your eyes when drinking Pepsi.

– Okay, there we go, should not deliver it back. -[ Link] No. – Okay, so the only thing we’re bringing back is Doritos, and they actually already exist in Japan, so I don’t think we’ve achieved anything, but hopefully you enjoy it. – Thank you for liking, noting, and subscribing. – You know what time “its by”.

– I’m Keaton, that’s Mozart, and I’m in Salzburg, Austria. And it’s time to rotate The Wheel of Mythicality. – 10 -year-old Altoids are far away from the worst thing we’ve ever eaten, read all about it in Rhett and Link’s Book of Mythicality, available for purposes of preorder at

– And click through to Good Mythical More, where we are going to eat 14 -year-old Yu-Gi-Oh restriction publication cereal. – Gifticality, that entails “were about” donating $1,000 to the National Alliance to End Homelessness to help them in their mission to prevent and eventually intention homelessness, join us in giving at

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Find Out on How to Get XxXL Muscles


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